The BETWEEN THE STONES PROJECT is the second co-production by Richard Emmert, Jannette Cheong and Unanico following their acclaimed 2017 co-production: Noh time like the present... a Tribute to Akira Matsui. Unanico both supported the delivery of the project and are also working on the production of a short film of an interview with Akira Matsui. The Between the Stones Project comprises the development of a new English language noh drama - Between the Stones by Jannette Cheong (author) and Richard Emmert (composer), plus a programme of education and outreach activities - 'Getting to Noh’ to provide an up-close understanding of noh ‘from page to stage’. The noh-related works written by Jannette Cheong reflect universal themes. For Between the Stones the concepts and themes explored are finding peace, beauty and love from tragic loss. Between the Stones was written following the deaths of family members and a mentor and friend close to the author. It is a celebration of life, death and friendship, demonstrating the transformative power of gardens and gardening to nurture and heal the soul. 


Jannette Cheong | Richard Emmert | Paul Laikin

The Japan Foundation Performing Arts Japan Programme for Europe 2019-2020 | Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc | Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation | The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation | The Japan Society


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