Bespoke animations were created for the LED screens, which inhabited four ‘Glamourland Exhibitions’ that showcased the fantastical sculptural installations by horticultural artists Tony Heywood and Alison Condie.

The Glamourland exhibitions were supported by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Time Out and Westminster City of Sculpture Programme.

The work used ancient meditative shamanistic practice and ritual performance to access what the artists term the "Spirit of Landscape".

The Glamourland box consisted of a 7 x 4 metre steel and glass-fronted container that housed a graphic and bejewelled landscape, filled with sculpted, cartoon-like landforms.  The landforms appeared to be in the process of merging with plants indigenous to the Jurassic Coast, which colonised the surfaces of the landscape, binding the real and fantastic.

Embedded LED screens displayed digital totemic forms, glimpsed through a forest of real and fantasy trees and vegetation that have fused together and taken root on a multitude of unusual surfaces.

The ‘Glamourland Jurassic Coast’ exhibition showcased in London’s Berkeley Square, Mayfair, for 3 months in 2011.

The ‘Glamourlands Techno Folly’ exhibition showcased at the RHS flagship garden for "Fresh" at London’s Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea, in 2012.

‘The Majesty’ was Glamourlands' fungal incarnation, when it went subterranean and was showcased at London’s Old Vic Tunnels, Lambeth, in 2012.

And the ‘Glamourlands Exhibition’ later appeared at the award-winning Trentham Gardens at the Trentham Estate, Staffordshire, UK, in 2013.