NO PLACE ON EARTH tells the true story of 38 Jewish men, women and children, who, in 1942, slide down a cold, muddy hole in the ground, seeking refuge from the War above in a pitch-black underground world where no human had gone before.

No Place On Earth is a feature-length documentary.

These five Ukrainian Jewish families create their own society underground where young men bravely venture into the harrowing night to collect food, supplies and chop firewood.  The girls and women never leave, surviving underground longer than anyone in recorded history.  Held together by an iron-willed matriarch, after 511 days, the cave dwellers, ages 2 to 76, emerged at the war’s end in tattered clothes, blinded by a sun some children forgot existed.  Despite all odds, they had survived.

The remarkable storyline of award-winning No Place On Earth starts out as a mystery.  Whilst exploring some of the longest caves in the world in southwestern Ukraine in the 1990s, American caver Chris Nicola stumbled onto unusual objects … an antique ladies’ shoe and comb, old buttons, an old-world key.  Was the vague rumour true, that some Jews had hidden in this cave during WWII and if so, had any survived to tell their tale?

And 67 years later, Chris leads four of the survivors back to the Ukraine to say thank you to “the cave”.

Directed by multi award-winning producer Janet Tobias, No Place On Earth was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Screenplay Award in 2014, and premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2012, where it was bought for US theatrical distribution by Magnolia Pictures.  The film had its European premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2012 and has appeared in numerous other international festivals including the Hamptons International Film Festival 2012 (where it won the Baume & Mercier Audience Award), the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) and the Washington DC International Film Festival.

Theatrically screened in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, UK and USA.  Broadcast on the History Channel (USA), Channel 5 (UK), ARD/BR/MDR (Germany).  Available for global purchase on Amazon and iTunes, and streaming on Netflix.